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About Us

The MassiveMAKER Group was established to support clients on a multi-level basis in implementing new IT solutions. We work flexibly and implement projects of various scales. We will adapt to your possibilities and budget. We have experience in working with corporate, large and medium-sized enterprises.


We can create a simple website based on popular CMS (Content management system) such as Wordpress or online stores and dedicated web applications. We can integrate websites with payment gateways, invoicing application and other external services.

Mobile application

We specialize in creating mobile applications for iOS and Android platforms. Describe your application and we will create it. It's the easiest way for your business to reach the clients.

Desktop application

MassiveMAKER Group create cross-platform applications that can be run on multiple operating systems (Windows, MacOS or Linux) using various technologies and programming languages ​​to ensure comfortable use of the software.

Graphic design

The appearance of the application is a showcase of the company. Therefore, we focus not only on programming, but also on providing intuitive graphic design.


We implement applications from scratch not only according to the client's documentation, but also in accordance with external certifications or accreditations.


System maintenance is provided by specialists with experience in AWS and Microsoft Azure clouds. We monitor the applications 24/7 by our proprietary program. Each anomaly is immediately verified.


Together we can create a massive difference...



MassiveMAKER provide hosting of websites, domains, VPS servers and dedicated servers. Contact us and describe what you need.


Only authorized persons have access to your data. We make copies every day and store them in a second independent data center.


You can simultaneously create an application with us and maintain it on our servers. As a result, updates or adding new functionalities are much faster.


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