Together we can create a massive difference...

What can we offer you

Everything in one place… We will develop, maintain and promote your idea so that you will be 100% satisfied. MassiveMaker was established having in mind growth, flexibility and support of our customers at the heart of designing and implementing the latest IT solutions. Your image online is a very important aspect of the business, but it requires specialised knowledge and time that not everyone has. With MassiveMaker, you can be certain that together, we will design and compile the ideal solution for your business. Our specialists will implement the best of breed IT solutions, taking into account any specification and budget.


Security is one of the foundations of our company. We focus on safety of data of our customers. Our equipment is located in recognised datacenters with 24/7 monitoring, which can be accessed only by authorised people. Backup copies of data are created daily and then stored in three independent locations. Our entire network is based on high-class Juniper devices.


Our programmers are specialised in two of the most popular web languages in the world: C# (.NET) and PHP. We aim at applying the latest technologies in all our projects. The basic requirements that we enforce when creating websites are: security, functionality and responsiveness. We believe that there are no limits in programming that is why we accepts all challenges.


The appearance of a company is its trademark. Every customer looks at the website first and then at the offer and content. We design with passion and we pay attention to every detail. We want to meet all expectations of the customer, hence we offer an individual approach to every project. We design websites, logos, infographics, flyers and computer animation. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.


If the basic hosting services are not sufficient for you and your website tends to be unavailable due to large traffic or DDoS attacks, it is the right time to source dedicated solutions. Unfortunately, such solutions require administration and hiring an administrator means high costs. With MassiveMAKER, you can minimise costs and commission administration to our experts. We specialise in managing network based on Juniper devices as well as administration of Linux and Windows Server systems.


The difference between a standard service provider and MassiveMAKER is that we attempt to help everyone. Most of the companies limit their support only to the services that they offer. Nevertheless, sometimes problems occur in other areas, e.g. in the website code or server configuration. Do you have a problem? Contact us and we will try to help!


Our hosting offer includes website, domain, VPS server and dedicated server hosting. We understand that each of these servers can be the foundation of a small or large company. That is why we will do our best to ensure the biggest possible availability to you and your clients. All data is stored on HP or Dell brand equipment which is inspected and updated on a regular basis. Every service is monitored 24 hours a day by our proprietary system.


Together we can create a massive difference...

About us

MassiveMAKER is a trading brand of MivoSys Ltd. established 2014 having in mind dedicated and innovative IT solutions for SMEs. We cooperate with companies active in various sectors. All data is stored in three independent datacenters, on our private cloud infrastructure. We approach all projects individually to meet all needs of the customer.

Tell us what you need

At MassiveMAKER we approach all customers individually. Tell us what problems you may have and our expert group will help you solve them. It is very easy and contrary to other companies, we focus on understanding the customer. We treat each case seriously because we know that your business is based on our expertise. MassiveMAKER is a company worth cooperating with because you can take care of everything in one place: from a simple website, to a complex online shop that will be maintained by our specialists. You don’t need any technical knowledge to own an online shop or a desktop or mobile application. Your idea is important and we will handle it! We will prepare an offer for you that will be adjusted to your expectations and budget.

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